Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cascadia-Willamette Pagan Pride Day

Finally, my first PPD in the PNW!  It was a crazy weekend, as I had been at the NW Fall Equinox Festival on the morning that this PPD was held.  So, I got up that Sunday morning, packed up my vendor's booth and campsite, crammed everything into my Saturn (and crammed is accurate), and drove from Silver Falls to Portland (with a stop in Salem along the way for gas).

When I arrived at Oaks Park in Portland, it was still a beautiful day.  It only took a moment to spot the large canopies that marked my first PNW PPD.  I found the information booth and asked where my workshop was to be held.  While waiting for the start of the workshop, I wandered around and visted with various vendors (including passing out a few samples of incense making kits).  I ran into a newly minted friend from NWFEF and helped her set up the 9 Houses of Gaia information table.

The workshop was a lot of fun and quickly turned into standing room only.  Making incense outdoors is always a challenge, but everyone handled it in stride.  One incense maker was not able to use latex gloves, and I was only able to find one that wasn't latex, and she solidered through making cones with only 1 hand - what a trooper!  Naturally, when I got home I found a dozen gloves she could have used, but they had been lost in the depths of my camping gear.

I hung around for about an hour after the workshop ended just to chat with a few people and to soak up the wonderful energy.  I love PPD and have always given my time and donated supplies to make each one special and fun.  I think it's an obligation for people like me to help make PPDs successful events.  We benefit so much from the community that we need to give back.  PPD is a great way to do that.  Only 2 weeks until my next one in Salem, OR!  I can't wait!!

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  1. Lucky! I bet it's wonderful and even more so in Oregon. I love that state. It's my favorite one. Hope you had a good time.